*all massages include aromatherapy, hot towels, and a warm eye cover*


Back Massage

Corrective Massage

In an attempt to correct and individual's ailments, a mixture of all massage techniques may be used. (Ex. Deep Tissue, Swedish, P.N.F. and Range of Motion stretching)

$85 (1hr)
$125 (1.5 hr)
$170 (2 hr)

Prenatal Massage

For Women in their 2nd and 3rd Trimester (about 14+ weeks). Light to medium pressure is used to relieve back pain, improve sleep, decrease stress, and reduce labor complications by attempting to keep your pelvis aligned and open to allow room for the baby and minimize swelling.

$55 (30 min)
$65 (1hr)

Pregnant Woman in Underwear

Swedish Massage

Light to medium pressure used to put the body in a state of relaxation

$65 (1 hr)

$95 (1.5 hr)

*add on* Hot Stones

Smooth, black stones made from volcanic rock are heated and used to warm and relax muscles, allowing the massage therapist to apply deeper pressure to the problem areas without causing discomfort.


Zen Stones
Cupping Treatment

Cupping Therapy

Cups are used and a suction is created to lift the muscle and encourage blood flow. This is done in the attempt to help relieve muscle tension, promote cell repair, help break up scar tissue and form new connective tissues, as well as, creature new blood pathways.

$75 (1hr)
$105 (1.5 hr)

In-Home Couples Massage

A relaxing massage where we travel to you! Includes a 1 hour Swedish Massage for two. *** For locations within a 15 mile radius. *** Greater distances additional charges may apply*


Head Massage
Chocolate Covered Strawberries

*add-on* Couples Romance Package

Aimed to enhance your In-Home couples massage this includes aromatherapy of your choosing, a bottle of champagne accompanied by two stemless flutes, and chocolate covered strawberries.



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